Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evil scheduler elves

I got home from indoor soccer to an all new Wednesday lineup - Big Bang Theory, Flash Forward, Lost Final Season, and Torchwood. Woo! Great telly for me!

My personal observation is that the tv scheduler elves always plan to put things I want to watch on a night where I have plans to do stuff. It's starting to bug me a little because since I no longer have a video recorder and still haven't got a DVD recorder then I miss my shows.

Is it really just because the tv scheduler elves are out to get me personally and stop me from watching any decent telly? I think so. In another life I must have offended the head tv scheduler elf and because of that they've decided to plague my life with terrible telly when I'm home and putting on all my favourite programmes on when I'm not home, when I should really be in bed or at a stupid time during the day - Torchwood, Supernatural, and The Middleman are all excellent examples of horrid viewing times due to completely irresponsible programming.

The whole on-demand internetting episodes is a great theory, but as my internet connection is pathetic it's not always the best option. Even worse they aren't always available (stupid mumble mumble).

On the upside I got a new sexy telly (much larger than my 14" CRT) which means that when I *do* get to see my preferred viewing, it's all brighter and sharper and much less prone to requiring a magnifying glass for watching.

Right off to watch some telly cause it's all pretty and my favourite programmes are on :)

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